Halloumi is the flagship of our range. The traditional Cypriot product, the most famous cheese of the island.It is a semi-hard cheese that can be eaten in many different ways.

Halloumi has been produced on the island for centuries. In order to be considered as authentic halloumi, its production must take place exclusively within the Territory of Cyprus and comply with certain conditions.

Halloumi can be used in various recipes suitable for vegetarians as well. It can be eaten fresh in salads or as an accompaniment with fruit and honey, fried, grilled or made a wonderful crumb for our spaghetti. In addition, halloumi is a nutrient-rich edible without preservatives and other processed substances. It can be used in our daily diet giving a special and unique flavor to our meals.

For us, halloumi makes up to 95% of our products. What is it that distinguishes us in its production? Of course, the art of its production, which has passed from our great-grandfather, grandfather, son and now to our children. We grew up with the taste of genuine halloumi and with it we will go through the years. From generation to generation our taste will be our trump card and will remind everyone of the roots of this wonderful product.

Our products


Halloumi Cheese pack 225g, 200g, 250g


Sheep And Goat Halloumi 250g


Sheep And Goat Halloumi In Plastic Bottles 1kg and 3kg


Halloumi Cheese 1kg